Make a donation to us to get high-speed download links


  1. I could see the highspeed link now, however, I have not get the donation link email for you guys.

  2. I have already upgrade your account type to Donators
    Wait us for three days to give you the link because of a little trouble

  3. Wait another 1 day to send money,thanks.

    But I have already upgrade your account to Donator.

  4. thks admin!

    The donator’s download speed for Megaupload is incredible!!! I love it !

    Await for paying to admin so pls gimme your payment links.

  5. yo99,your account upgraded,

    Not now,
    Because we need to pay rent fot hosting monthly,we need your help all the time

  6. Hi, I have sent my payment minutes ago. Please check and upgrade my account. Thanks!!

  7. Hi my previous account got deleted and now i can’t register a new account because everytime try to do so, it says “User registration currently not allowed”. Can admin look into this?

  8. Hi, i was donator before and now my account expired. I would like to make a renewal for 1 month but i couldn’t pay to your PayPal’s email that i used to send any more. Pls send email to me at again so that i can make a payment to you ASAP. Thanks!

    Big Boo

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